“In Competition”


I made this piece for a show. But I wasn’t in competition with anyone else…just me. I wanted to see how many processes I could use in one necklace. Turns out I used 13. This was so much fun to make. 6 Bezels, 5 prong settings, 5 Lapis stones, 3 different pieces of Petrified Palm, 2 Brown Quartz stones, 2 piercings, 1 Yellow Jade, 1 Citrine, lots of granulation and jump rings, some wire wrap, forging, hammering, whew! Of course I had to make a hinged bracelet, earrings and a ring to match, sold separately.


This piece was what I entered to receive my Masters in Silversmithing from the Reno Gem and Mineral Society…a division of the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies.  It has 13 of 16 processes needed for my certification.

Sterling silver, Jade, Citrine, Brown Quartz, Lapis, Petrified Palm, and Coral.