Jill’s History:
In 1995 Jill Atkins founded a design company that not only reflected her lifelong love of fashion, but also celebrated the inspiration and spirit of people everywhere. With a father in the Air Force, Jill grew up surrounded by different cultures. She traveled with her family to the world’s most unique places and returned home ready to share her passion. By studying under Kenneth D. King in San Francisco, CA, Jill honed her design skills and within three years of launching her firm, a piece of Jill’s collection was permanently displayed at the White House.
Jill resides in Nevada with her husband, Gary.

Jill’s inspirations:
To augment her fashion collections, Jill has turned her design focus to one-of-a-kind accessories. She employs the same approach to her new collections: personal, unique, and completely produced by Jill herself in her Reno studio. By blending her sense of contemporary style with classic foundations, Jill infuses each piece with her on-going love of quality materials and artisanal presentation.
Her jewelry collections are inspired by her global travels as well as her passion for a personal connection with life. Beautiful natural elements, a nostalgia for the past, and an open heart for “memories in the making” are all represented in Jill’s timeless works.
Jill’s clients are also a big part of her inspiration. She enthusiastically welcomes input from her buyers and enjoys creating collaborative works that capture each client’s unique life experiences.

Jill’s Collections:
Each piece of jewelry is personally designed, all materials meticulously selected, and every item entirely produced by Jill. She creates every element of every piece, including the handmade chains. Whether the buyer is purchasing an item for a special occasion or everyday living, no two pieces are the same.
The custom jewelry and wedding purses are offered as consignment works of art. Each client is consulted at length to produce a highly-personal, exceptional, item that evokes the event, personality, and connection inherent in the “life” of the moment.
As with all artistic endeavors, the collections will change. As items are sold and new inspirations present themselves, the work will evolve. Jill hopes you will embrace the now as well as the new.