A.  Use a good silver cleaner and a soft cloth.

A:  I keep mine in an anti-tarnish cloth.  You can find this cloth on the internet.  This helps to prevent tarnish.  If it does get tarnished, take some silver polish and a soft damp cloth and rub to desired shine.  Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.  Never put hot or wet silver away.  It can develop spots and stains which are almost impossible to get out.

A:  Yes. About once a year take your Generational Heirloom Jewelry to your jeweler to have the settings checked.

A:  If you have several pieces of Generational Heirloom Jewelry with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and gold you may want to talk to an appraiser.  Grouping your jewelry together has probably increased the total value of your piece.  Of course, no one can replace the sentimental value you place on this jewelry. Talk to your insurance agent about what you might do to insure it.

A:  Yes.  I am insured up to $240,000.

A:  I wash most of my handmade handbags in gentle soap and warm water.  Use a clean towel to gently press the water out.  Let air dry.  Or use a good drycleaners.

A:  Save as many of the beads and you can and return to me.