“Generational Heirloom Jewelry”


Also known as “Story Jewelry”

When my mother passed away I inherited her jewelry.  Her earrings, broken gold chains, rings, and charms all had a story connected to them.  I knew who gave them to her (some from me) and where they came from…trips to museums, to China, etc.  I knew I would never wear them but they were too precious both in monetary value and sentimental value to sell or give away.  It took me 5 years but I finally knew what to do.

I decided to make a wearable piece of art by cutting apart the rings, removing the earring back and arranging the broken chain onto belt concha's…a belt that could tell a story…about her, about me.  I have since branched out to make “story necklaces”.  All the gold and precious gems (set in gold) are soldered onto a heavy gauge sterling silver.  Unfortunately, gold plated silver cannot safely be soldered onto another piece of metal.

For more information see my FAQ and Returns Policy.  The price is for each concha or buckle.  The price for a story necklace is variable depending on how many linked conchas are desired and the type of custom chain is ordered.