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I have been busy

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These are some of my new necklaces.  The upper left piece is called “Emerging from Rubble”.  It is part of my emerging series. The center pendant is sterling that has been hammered, forged, folded, and combined with another hammered and folded piece. The necklace is natural pearls and silver spacers.  Sterling clasp.

The center piece is ” Emerging Spring” (sold).  The sterling “cup” holds a Montana agate with prongs.  There is a 14k hammered “twig” on the bottom.  The necklace is grey pearls with silver spacer beads.  Sterling clasp.

The  upper right necklace is called “Pink Cloud”.  It is a opal with the most beautiful pink shining through.  I set the opal on edge so the color showed to the best advantage.  (Turned sideways one can see to the other side.). The flower on the top was hand forged into the final shape.  The grey pearls has the exact pink cast to them.  Sterling clasp.image

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