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Happy Comfortable Beading

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As I sit here in my studio, I am feeling a bit of pain in my neck and hands. I know it’s time to move….I love beading, but need to move around a bit. I have established some “rules” in my beading area. I leave the phone across the room. I have to get up to answer. While I’m talking I can also do some stretching of my back and legs. Same goes for water. Keep drinking water but use a small glass and get up to refill often.
My beading area is in a different place than my beads so again I have to move. Reaching for the top bin of beads allows me to stretch my neck and arms. I also do a few neck rolls while I’m at it. If you bead in front of the TV make sure that your chair and table are directly in front so you are not sitting at an angle. An angle to the table puts stress on one of your shoulders and torso.
I also have some specific hand stretches to do to keep from getting carpel tunnel. See pictures. If you are not used to doing this exercise, go easy (2 times for a count of 5-10) at first. I build up with few minutes of stretching, usually while I’m doing something else, it keeps me beading longer and more comfortably. Happy comfortable beading, J

Hand Stretching keeps the Carpal Tunnel away

Stretched hands allow for longer beading

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  1. Jill, You are doing such a great job, I hope a ton of people see this and know how much time, love and energy you put into your work. Cheers! Scott
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